Gaudí and La Rambla

Very pleasant half hour walk to La Sagrada Familia…one of the most amazing sites…we may have to come back to see it completed supposedly in 2026, 100 years since Gaudi’s death.

First glimpse…

I took so many photos it is hard to know what to include, but a truly amazing place…

We got the lift up for the highest view…

The stairs down were interesting…

So much detail everywhere…

And a contrast..

Had our first cappuccino…different but nice😄👍

Then a lot more walking…actually rambling along the Rambla…had to say it!

An early dinner is possible when they have all day dining😄… after all I was asleep by 7pm local time last night.

Yes we did the sangria, tapas and paella combo…

Some unusual sites along the way…

Managed to stay awake till 8pm .

This is hard work.

2 thoughts on “Gaudí and La Rambla

  1. It never looks any more getting towards ‘complete’ than the last photos I saw of it, say 5 years ago. Part of its charm, I guess.


  2. Enjoy Spain. The history is so interesting and the architecture amazing
    From a relative (Swedish father in law)who we visited in Spain….. never drink the Sangria….many restaurants use the slops of red wine left by diners in their glasses.


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